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Dan - 1 - 2021 - USE

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Dan Workmeister, CIC, CAWC, CRM


Dan is the President and a Commercial Risk Advisor at Consolidated. His ability to evaluate coverage, aid clients in implementing meaningful risk management practices and advise his customers on how to effectively market their insurance to carriers are what set him apart from the traditional insurance broker. He positions organizations to be in control of their outcomes and achieve favorable results year after year.

Dan began his insurance career as an Underwriter with Travelers Insurance Company’s Small Commercial Department in Baltimore, Maryland. He later accepted a position as an Underwriter for Mid-Size Commercial Accounts. Because Dan wanted to work closely with the local business community to help them understand and manage their risks, he joined Consolidated in 2005 as a Risk Advisor.

Dan’s experience as an Underwriter gives him an edge over the competition because he understands the information Underwriters need to make favorable coverage and pricing decisions for his clients. This extensive knowledge of coverage and exposures gained while working as an Underwriter makes him a great evaluator of your current risk management program.

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