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CSR24 enables you to access and generate your Certificates of Insurance, Auto ID Cards, and Policy Information via the internet 24/7.  These documents can be printed or emailed directly from our website anytime!

Electronically access the many resources we offer to help you manage your risk through a unique client portal site. The site includes, but is not limited to, an expansive library of HR and risk management resources including legislative guides and newsletters. Plus, you have online access to a variety of valuable OSHA resources, including an easy-to-use OSHA reporting and analysis tool.

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Fast, easy, and efficient injury management for your workers’ compensation claims.

With Zenjuries, we can transform the workers' comp process where everyone collaborates using an app that enhances the employee experience, drives better outcomes, reduces costs, and improves profitability.

Interested in controlling cell phone use in company vehicles and on the job-site?  Commercial clients, click here.

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