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Would Your Business Benefit From a Flexible Schedule Plan?

For many business and creative professionals in Maryland, a regular nine to five job just isn’t appealing anymore. And with many employers offering opportunities that allow workers to telecommute, work from home, or keep non-traditional hours, high-level employees no longer have to submit to the daily grind if they so choose. That means that employers…

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Guns in the Home?

In the United States, gun ownership is still a hot button issue. A 2014 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that having a firearm in the home puts those in the household at higher risk of committing suicide or being the victim of a homicide. And approximately one third of American households keep…

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Summer Mishaps

Summer in Maryland is coming and with it is the opportunity to experience all kinds of warm-weather mishaps. Here are some common summer dangers and how to avoid them. Top 10 Summertime Accidents: Car accidents: More teenagers are killed in motor-vehicle accidents between Memorial Day and Labor Day than at any other time of year.…

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Health Insurance & Mental Health

Seeking treatment for mental illness can be an especially challenging task. Fortunately, recent policy changes mean that Americans are that much closer to gaining equal access to mental health services. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, several steps have been taken to ensure better coverage for Americans with mental health conditions and addiction,…

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