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Vacation Policy Blues

We all need a vacation. And for many employees in Maryland, summer is the ideal time to plan a visit to the beach, take an extended road trip, or organize a family reunion. As a business owner, you want your employees to have time off, but you don’t want your customers to suffer because of…

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Common Camping Mishaps

Sleeping under the stars, hiking, swimming, and toasting marshmallows are activities many folks look forward to every summer. But getting back to nature offers its own set of risks. By understanding the following common camping mishaps, you can make it much more likely that your summer outdoor excursions will only include the fun and exhilarating…

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Smart Summer Hosting

For most American families, summer is outdoor celebration time, fireworks time, barbecue time, and fun-in-the-sun-by-the-pool time. If you’re the one who happens to be hosting, however, it’s important to recognize that these quintessential summer activities present unique risks, as well as potential liability issues. Are homeowners really responsible for their guests? Social host liability specifically…

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Staying Safe in the Sun

After the dark days of winter, it’s a relief to see the sun and tempting to stay outdoors basking in its rays as often as possible. But before you put on your swimsuit, it’s a good idea to review sun safety for both adults and children, so that those sunny summer days don’t lead to…

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