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Success Stories

Insurance Success Story

A prospect had been taking increases for years. After an assessment, it was clear that their claims activity was making them less attractive to the marketplace. Instead of going through an exercise in futility and continuing to present this same story to the insurance carriers, we authored a plot twist by first implementing a risk…

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Claims Management Success Story

A prospect was experiencing a high number of claims in addition to a couple of severe losses occurring in a short period of time. After assessing their situation, we identified the root cause of their problem as an inefficient claims management process. This led to them paying inflated premiums for their insurance which were well…

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Renewal Success Story

A prospect was facing a non-renewal from their carrier due to claim activity. The options that were presented to them from their agent were at least $30,000 higher than the expiring premium. After assessing the situation, we recognized the insured had a relationship with their current carrier lasting well over 10 years. This story ends…

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Cost Management Success Story

A prospect engaged with us due to their extremely high worker’s compensation insurance rates. They worked in an industry where there was not a clear classification for their operations. We took the time to listen to the client and understand their operations. After conducting significant market research, we were able to make a strong case…

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Risk Management Success Story

A prospect approached us because they were tired of being a victim of the insurance marketplace and having little to no control over the renewal process. After performing a risk management and reputation assessment for this client, we presented them with a plan which immediately made them more attractive to the insurance market place by…

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