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Love and Life Insurance: A Perfect Match

Red hearts, chocolate, lace, and roses: it’s that time of year again. With February comes Valentine’s Day, and with Valentine’s Day comes thoughts of love. While Valentine’s Day emphasizes romantic love, or the kind of love that results when Cupid’s arrow penetrates a heart and inspires swoony, smitten feelings of attraction and desire, it’s also a time to celebrate other forms of love, like the love a parent has for a child, the love between friends, or the quiet, strong and steady love between long-married spouses. Indeed, Valentine’s Day is a time to honor all kinds of love.

And there’s another way to honor all kinds of love, one that has nothing to do with cards and flowers. It’s called life insurance. While you may not associate life insurance with love, you should. Here’s why: love can actually inspire you to obtain the right life insurance policy; and the life insurance policy can, in turn, protect and care for the ones you love in the unfortunate event that you are no longer present to do so.  Life insurance can protect your loved ones in numerous ways, almost as many ways as there are long-stemmed red roses sold on February 14th

Here are the top five:

Enable Your Spouse to Enjoy a Good Quality of Life: Because it replaces the deceased person’s annual income, pays for medical benefits, and can also be used to replace the savings that would have come from his or her retirement. Life insurance enables the spouse who is left behind to get back on, and stay on, his or her feet right after losing a loved one. This means your beloved husband or wife can continue to enjoy a good quality of life after you are gone.

Help Make Their Childhood Easier: It’s not surprising, especially in these economic times, that a family can take as many as five years to recover from a death of a primary breadwinner. Five years is a long time in a child’s life; for example, it’s the span from rather babyish to age 8 to hormonal age 13 and early adolescence. A lot happens during those years, and it would be a shame for them to be blighted by financial struggle. Life insurance can make childhood, which is already rife with challenges, a bit easier for your kids should they lose you.

Eliminate Death Related Debt: Dying is expensive. A death is often accompanied by all kinds of debt, including funeral costs, hospital bills, a cemetery plot, and estate taxes, to name a few. A good life insurance policy will take care of all these expenses so the family members you may leave behind, don’t have to.

Keep Their Dreams of the Future Alive: A parent’s death and the financial hardship it may cause can throw a wrench into a child’s plans for college, or even a wedding someday. By obtaining life insurance, you can ensure that your kids can still pursue their dreams to obtain an education, or celebrate finding a husband or wife to share their life with.

Maintain Their Health and Prevent Illness: As strange as it may sound, life insurance can function to promote health and prevent illness in family members who are left behind after a loved one dies. Think about it: it costs money to eat healthfully, to see the doctor when you’re sick, and to pay for health insurance premiums. Your life insurance can make all of this possible for your loved ones after your death, so they have a good chance of living long, healthy lives.


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