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Fun Overload: When Good Times Get Out of Hand

March is a much anticipated month in Maryland, when many of us start shedding our winter layers in excited preparation for the coming spring. In addition to extra clothes, however, some folks also shed their common sense. There is such thing as having too much fun, and a few times illustrate that better than the…

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National Poison Prevention Week 2016

  What do bath salts, house plants, energy drinks, mouthwash, and over-the-counter medicines have in common? All of the items can be poisonous when used inappropriately and it only takes a second for a child or beloved pet to ingest a household chemical or medicine that could cause permanent damage. Every March, the American Association…

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Weather Watch

Calculating the costs of natural disasters and extreme weather events is a complex process that takes a myriad of factors into account, including insurance payouts, lost income, property damage, and lives lost. In most cases, the cost of damage caused by these events far exceeds insured losses. Read on to find out some of the…

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