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Spring Cleaning for Outdoor Fun

As winter’s lingering shadow lessens, and the sun shines brighter and warmer every day, it’s an ideal time to give your front and back yards a thorough spring cleaning in preparation for a long stretch of satisfying, beautiful, and safe outdoor fun. Here are some suggestions for outdoor spring cleaning: Rake it up! Put the…

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Hooray for Earth Day!

For some Americans, buying organic vegetables, recycling, and biking to work are just a part of a modern healthy lifestyle, one that also happens to benefit the planet we live on. But there was a time when these environmentally sustainable habits were not part of everyday life, and when the protection of the planet was…

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National Lawn and Garden Month

It’s fitting that the month during which we celebrate Earth Day is also National Lawn & Garden Month. Spring in Maryland is finally in full force, and this is the ideal time to nurture and beautify your own small patch of earth – your yard or garden. Here are some earth-friendly ways to turn your…

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