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How to Reduce Employee Health Costs? Promote a “Culture of Health”

Are you an employer looking for a Health Insurance Quote? Click here for a Health Insurance Quote Business owners can reap significant financial rewards by fostering a culture of health among employees at their workplaces. A recent study of PPG Industries, a large Pennsylvania-based company founded in 1883, was published in the Journal of Occupational…

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What to do After a Car Accident

Looking for an automobile insurance quote? Click here for an Auto Insurance Quote Immediately following an accident, make sure that no one is injured, either a passenger in your car, in other vehicles, and don’t forget about pedestrian or others who may have been nearby. Move to a place of safety, away from traffic. Do…

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Still Standing: How to Help Your Maryland Home Survive a Storm

How would your home fare in a storm? Consider the following tips for making your home as impervious to the wild whims of Mother Nature as possible: Roof: When installing a roof, use a covering that is specially designed to resist high winds. Seal all the joints of your roof sheathing with rubberized, self-stick asphalt…

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Hurricane Property Preparation Checklist

Make sure your vehicles have full tanks of gas If you have to leave a vehicle behind, make sure it is not in a low lying area prone to flooding Top off or fill fuel tanks for outdoor grills in case they become your primary cooking appliance Stake small trees, shrubs, and garden plants that…

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