Hurricane Property Preparation Checklist

Blog Picture - Hurricane

  • Make sure your vehicles have full tanks of gas
  • If you have to leave a vehicle behind, make sure it is not in a low lying area prone to flooding
  • Top off or fill fuel tanks for outdoor grills in case they become your primary cooking appliance
  • Stake small trees, shrubs, and garden plants that could break in strong wind
  • Any home ornamentation such as flags, wreaths or wind chimes should be stowed away
  • Bring in any lawn furniture or grills
  • Portable basketball backboards should be wheeled into the garage or laid down and firmly staked to the ground
  • Mobile home dwellers should check tie downs and leave the mobile home as soon as possible
  • Make sure pool covers are secure
  • Check to see that storage building doors are closed and secure
  • Secure shutters on windows and doors, if you have them. If not, cut ½ inch plywood panels to cover these openings. Marine plywood is best; do not use particle board. Pre-drill holes every 18 inches for screws in advance of putting up the plywood.
  • Trim dead or weak branches from trees and clear similar debris from the ground around your home.

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