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Getting Ready for Fire Season – Clean your chimneys and wood stoves

Click here for a Homeowner’s Quote Nobody wants poor old Santa to emerge from the chimney looking like a scary, sooty monster. Now that the weather is truly chilly and the generous man from the North Pole is on his way, it’s time to think about your chimney and/or to make sure your wood stove…

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Internet Business (and Insurance)

Are you a business owner looking for a Quote? Click here for a Business Owner’s Policy Quote If your business promotes or markets its products or services over the Internet, there are unique property and liability risks. For example, you are vulnerable to major loss exposures from malicious attacks, loss of service or theft of…

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Professional Liability Insurance Basics

Are you looking for a Professional Liability Quote? Click here for a Quote Professional Liability Insurance…what is that and who needs it? If we changed the name to ‘malpractice insurance’ most of us would answer the question right away by responding ‘doctors’. But the fact is ‘malpractice’ is a concern for professionals across many fields…

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