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Log Cabin at Night, Near Woodstock, Vermont, USA

Those of us who live in cold climates get to enjoy the fresh, crystalline beauty of a snowy, icy landscape. Sometimes, a mere glimpse out the window reveals an outdoor winter wonderland of sorts, one where all is white and shimmering, where pine boughs are weighed down by heavy clusters of snow, and long, pointed icicles dangle from the eaves. There can be a downside to all this beauty, however. As much pleasure as they can give, snow and ice can also cause damage:

Check your Home’s Down Spouts: At the start of the winter season, take a look at your down spouts. Make sure that they are clear, and that they will carry melted snow and ice (water) at least ten feet away from your house’s exterior walls. This will help to prevent roof leaks, flooding, and other forms of water damage.

Clean Out All Drains and Gutters: Leaves and other debris left over from the fall season can clog your home’s drains and gutters, and prevent melted snow and ice from moving. Take some time to clean them out before the first snow falls.

Keep the Heat on While You are Away: Taking a winter trip? Don’t try to save money by shutting off the heat before you go, or you may return to find a flooded house. Turning off the heat can result in pipes freezing and even bursting, causing an enormous amount of damage to your home.

Give your Exhaust Pipes and Air Vent Room to Work: Piles of snow can build up around the exhaust pipes and air vents that enable heaters, furnaces, and dryers to function properly. Go outside periodically to make sure there are no mounds of snow around these areas, and it there are, shovel them out of the way.

Keep Doors and Windows Clear:  Don’t let snow and ice build up on your house’s doors and windows. Once it melts, it can penetrate and come inside, doing damage to interior paint, wood, and floors.

Don’t Forget Landscaping: Outdoor trees and shrubs can be damaged by heavy, accumulated snow. If you are able, shake the snow off of your trees and shrubs to prevent their branches from breaking due to the extra weight.

Have the Right Insurance in Place: Make sure your homeowner’s insurance will provide coverage in the event that your home or property is damaged by winters’ snow and ice.

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