Personal Risk Assessments – Seeing the Whole Picture

If you’re like most people, the last time you took a close look at your personal auto coverage was when you purchased a new vehicle or added a new driver. And most likely, your homeowner’s policy was last reviewed when you bought or refinanced your home. And those were probably two separate discussions.

We prefer a different approach, not only because all of your coverages should be working together, but because an ad hoc approach like that is very likely to miss some big exposures that can threaten the assets you’ve worked so hard to build.

We call it a Personal Risk Assessment, and put very simply it’s a comprehensive look at the entire picture of you and your family. Your Personal Risk Assessment is designed to identify the things that can slip through the cracks, leaving you exposed. We’ll examine the coverages already in place and identify any gaps or duplication of coverage.

For example, if you have a rental property, or a motorcycle or boat, you’ve almost certainly insured the item … but what about the potential liability? All of these are big exposures that are sometimes missed with a piecemeal approach to coverage.

Have you co-signed a loan so your child could purchase their first home? Many parents do, and they do so without realizing that they’ve just inherited the liability exposure for that property as well. A Personal Risk Assessment will uncover and address threats like these.

Every homeowner knows they should have an inventory of their home’s contents, and almost no one actually does it because it’s such a daunting task. We’ll walk you through the process and make it as pain-free as possible, all as part of your Personal Risk Assessment. The result will be a much smoother claims process should you ever have a loss.

It comes down to asking the right questions, and plenty of them, about things like your education level, how long you’ve been with your current carrier, and even your hobbies or whether you have kids away at college. Those may not seem like items that would impact your coverage profile, but they do.

Consolidated will help you take a step back and see the whole picture, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you and your family are protected in all areas of your lives. Contact us today for your Personal Risk Assessment.