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Considering a New Car?

Beyond the sale price, insurance is one of the most important financial questions to consider before buying a new car. Most states require individuals to purchase insurance coverage to drive legally. Auto insurance can be divided into two basic coverage areas: liability and property damage. When shopping for auto insurance, premium quotations are a useful…

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Zenjuries: Your Workers’ Compensation Solution

We’re always on the lookout for resources that help our clients better manage any kind of risk, because being in control of your risk profile helps you to tell a better story to insurers. Many businesses would agree that the world of workers’ compensation insurance is among their biggest headaches. The paperwork, regulatory requirements and…

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Cyber-Liability: Taking a Byte Out of Your Exposure

If the recent WannaCry ransomware epidemic didn’t get your attention, it should have. In case you missed it somehow, this malware outbreak affected more than 200,000 users in over 150 countries. Hospitals were unable to access patient records, some businesses remained closed in order to avoid exposure … and some early estimates put the total…

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Auto Premiums at a Premium

If you’ve noticed a hike in your premiums for auto insurance, you’re not alone. Industry rates for both commercial and personal policies have been on the upswing since April of 2016, when a hefty 6 percent jump accounted for the largest increase in more than a decade. The trends that are driving higher rates show…

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Legislative Update – April

Here’s what happened on the legislative front in Washington, DC in April, and how it affects your business: Market Stabilization Final Rule Issued: On April 14, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a market stabilization final rule under the Affordable Care Act, containing new reforms aimed at lowering premiums, stabilizing the individual…

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