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Back to School for Consolidated too!

Nearly 80% of the insurance-licensed staff here at Consolidated hold at least one insurance designation, and many hold more than one. From well-known certifications like CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor), ACSR (Accredited Customer Service Representative), CLCS (Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist), CAWC (Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation), CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative), and AAI (Accredited Advisor in …

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Child Off to College? Here’s the Question You Didn’t Ask.

It’s the time of year when parents prepare to say goodbye to children heading off to college, and there’s so much emotion wrapped up in this milestone that more practical considerations are sometimes overlooked. Here’s one: will your child at college still be covered by your existing homeowners’ and auto policies? The answer? Yes. Or…

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Fraud Alert: Warning Signs of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Third in a series of installments on workers’ compensation coverage Having covered the circumstances that make a workers’ compensation claim compensable in a previous post (see it here), let’s take a moment to look at the other side of the coin: signs that a claim might be fraudulent. Various sources estimate that fraudulent claims cost…

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Minimum Wage Increases in MD and DC

As noted here at the start of this year, some 19 states plus the District of Columbia enacted new minimum wage laws in 2018. These laws supersede the current federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour, and the vast majority of the increases took effect on or about January 1. The exceptions were Maryland,…

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