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Need a Certificate of Insurance?

It’s happened to every business … you’re working after hours, and you really need a certificate of insurance to wrap up the paperwork and bring in a new client. But your insurance broker is closed. Or an employee needs a new Auto ID card on a weekend, and all you can do is add it…

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Renovation and Risk: Insuring Your Improved Home

Planning a home renovation project is exciting and sometimes stressful, with so many choices to be made: cabinet styles and finishes, flooring, countertops, hardware, paint … the list goes on. Many people miss one very important step, however … your homeowner’s coverage may need a little improvement as well. First, begin with the end in…

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Health Benefits 101

In our conversations with clients regarding health benefits, we often encounter some basic misunderstandings regarding the terminology and mechanics of health coverage. Here’s a quick review: Coverages: Most Americans are covered by health insurance offered by their employers, otherwise known as group coverage. Group coverage tends to offer lower rates because the risk is spread…

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