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Voluntary Benefits: Educate Your Employees

In an era of record-low unemployment rates, many companies are struggling to attract and retain the best employees. Of course, a great way to set your firm apart from competitors is to offer a comprehensive benefits package, but many employers fail to consider the value of not only employer-provided benefits, but voluntary benefits as well.…

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Community Involvement – Consolidated Cares!

One of our guiding principles at Consolidated Insurance is our belief in being good partners in the communities we serve. Many companies do good work with their financial support of various charities, but at Consolidated we take that commitment a step further with regular and active participation in community events by our team. The Consolidated…

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A Home Inventory – Why You Need One and How to Do It

We hope that you’ll never lose any of your valued possessions to fire, theft, storm damage or some other catastrophe. But under the heading of “expect the best and prepare for the worst,” you should take the time to create a home inventory just in case. A thorough and well-documented inventory will save you quite…

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Commercial Fire Coverage

There’s no good time or place for a fire, but a fire at your place of business can be especially costly. In many cases the costs associated with the physical damages and restoration take a backseat to the costs of the interruption to business activities. Income can very quickly slow to a trickle or stop…

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