Be Prepared for Roadside Emergencies

Expect the best and prepare for the worst, the saying goes. While vehicles overall are very reliable these days, breakdowns and accidents do happen, as do sudden changes in weather that could leave you stranded. Some auto insurance policies offer roadside assistance for a minimal annual cost – take advantage of this! In case you do get stranded and have to wait for help, be prepared.  Here are 16 things you should have available in your vehicle at all times, and especially if you’re undertaking a longer trip.

First-Aid Kit: The most important thing on any list.

Medications: Don’t get stuck without vital prescriptions.

Water and Non-perishable Food: You don’t know how long you might be stuck, especially in a rural area. Stay hydrated and have food at hand.

Mobile Phone: And a way to charge it, even if your car is dead. Consider a portable battery pack.

Jumper Cables: Or a battery starter that connects via your power outlet … some of these will charge your phone also. Remember to check periodically to make sure the charger is charged.

Road Flares & Distress Signs: Vital to warn approaching traffic to slow down.

Spare Tire: Check monthly to make sure it’s properly inflated. Even compact “donut” tires need air.

Vehicle Liquids: A spare quart of oil especially. Coolant is also a good idea to keep on hand.

Flashlight: Not all breakdowns happen during the day.

Windshield Scraper and Shovel: These can keep you going when the weather turns suddenly.

Blanket: In case your vehicle breaks down completely in cold weather.

Spare Clothes: Warm clothes, for the same reason as the blanket.

Vital Medical Information: Anything a medical professional would need to know about allergies or other conditions.

Emergency Contact Numbers: If you’re incapacitated, who should be contacted?

Proof of Insurance and Driver’s License: At all times, on trips long or short.

Vehicle Owner’s Manual: Important information on how to change a tire, where fuses are located and many other things you might need to know in a pinch.

You can also click on the above image and print this list for others. All of these things will help to keep you safe and hopefully keep you from having to place an auto claim too!

Not sure if your auto policy includes roadside assistance?  Contact your Consolidated agent to check or to add it!