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Auto Coverage: Why Raise Your Limits?

You already know that automotive insurance is a must-have, required by law, with specific coverage limits that vary from state to state. The problem is that many drivers stop right there at those bare minimums, which can leave them in a bad place in the event of a serious accident. For example, Maryland drivers must…

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Why COI? Certificates of Insurance

If you run a business, you have more than enough to worry about … your own risk management profile, for one. But when it comes to risk, business owners need to look beyond their own exposures and consider the risks presented by those who are working on their behalf, or working on their property. That’s…

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FSA Contribution Limits Changing in 2020

As usual, the IRS has announced changes to the contribution limits for flexible spending accounts (FSAs) in the coming calendar year. However, the timing creates a wrinkle that may keep some employees from taking full advantage. Individuals may now contribute up to $2,750 to an FSA in calendar year 2020, a $50 increase from this…

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