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Silence Isn’t Golden – Electric Vehicles and Pedestrian Safety

Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity as battery technology improves and charging stations become more widely available. Besides the obvious benefits of reduced fuel consumption and emissions, electric vehicles operate in near silence, which is great if you’re driving. That silence, though, creates a new hazard for pedestrians. Without the usual engine noise as…

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Surety Bonds: The Safety Net for Construction Projects

What protects a business from a construction project that doesn’t go as planned? As much as we hope and expect that things will go well and according to contract, occasionally a contractor is unreliable, or even goes bankrupt in mid-project, creating a nightmare scenario for the client. Surety bonds are the safety net that protects…

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New Rate of Pay Rules

For many years, the issue of whether certain employee perks are – or are not – considered income under the Fair Standards Labor Act (FSLA) has been a source of some confusion for employers. Since the “regular rate” of compensation is the basis for calculating overtime, it’s important that employers are accurate. In an attempt…

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