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How to Save Money on Home Insurance

While it may seem like a viable option to lower your property insurance coverage to save some money, this may end up costing you big in the long run. If your policy limits are too low, the cost to fix your home may exceed your limits. Limits on your homeowner’s insurance are established to protect…

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Pandemic Coverage Gap? We have an answer!

The tragic COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the significant coverage gap that traditional insurance has not been able to solve:  non-damage business interruption as a result of an epidemic.  Most standard property damage policies require business interruption to be from physical damage and also typically exclude communicable diseases. To close this coverage gap, we have partnered…

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Making Your Day Easier with our Client Portal!

At Consolidated Insurance, our belief has always been that we best serve our clients as not just a broker, but as a partner in helping their businesses better manage their risk. To that end, we’re proud to re-introduce the HR and Compliance Client Portal (formerly MyWave Connect), a time-saving online resource that puts clients in…

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