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Spreading Your Wings Again: Travel Insurance Basics

As we continue to hope that the rest of 2022 will bring a gradual return to normal, many are beginning to plan to travel again. It’s important to remember, though, that even aside from the ever-changing travel restrictions related to COVID, things can and do go wrong with travel. Travel insurance can help to protect your investment. Here’s a look at the different types of travel coverage and how they protect you.

Travel insurance falls into two broad categories, one relating to changing travel plans and the other to illness or injury while traveling. Some policies will cover both situations, but even then there are some distinctions.

Coverage relating to your travel plans generally takes three forms (and again, a single policy may cover multiple circumstances): Trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you for pre-paid travel expenses if you’re unable to go on your trip due to the illness or death of yourself or a family member. Travel delay insurance reimburses pre-paid expenses in the event of a flight delay or cancellation (which have been increasingly frequent).

Finally, trip interruption insurance provides reimbursement if your trip is cut short due to illness or a variety of other circumstances. Covered events will vary by policy but might include inclement weather, airline strikes, or even jury duty or damage to your home while you’re away.

On the medical and life insurance side of the ledger, there again are three major considerations. Imagine you’re abroad and you need immediate care for a toothache … emergency medical expense coverage is for this sort of thing, or other illness or injury while traveling. For more serious situations, medical evacuation coverage will pay to transport you to an appropriate facility, whether near your destination or back home.

And accidental death coverage is perhaps self-explanatory, but again there are distinct categories: Accidental death would cover death (or dismemberment) at any time during a trip; air flight accident would provide coverage only during air travel; and common carrier would cover other modes of transportation such as bus, train, ferry or taxi.

Travel is a big investment even before you factor in the many hours spent in planning a successful trip. There’s no way to avoid every possible mishap, but the right combination of coverage to protect that investment will help you to relax and enjoy your time away.

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