HR Hotline – Real People, Real Answers

In a recent post we discussed our HR and Compliance Portal, our online portal for convenient access to resources on safety, compliance and much more (read about it here). While this portal is a vast and searchable resource, sometimes you need a little personal guidance, especially when it comes to matters of Human Resources.

Chances are that your HR resources and documentation are scattered, living in different file cabinets or even different offices. You may have one or more employees responsible, or your HR person may do double duty along with another role. Whatever the situation, it’s often difficult to quickly locate the current and accurate information you need.

That’s why Consolidated is proud to offer HR Hotline, real-world help on all things related to your personnel, with real, live HR experts standing by to guide you. Accessible from within the portal, HR Hotline connects you to experts who can answer your questions on things like:

  • Employee benefits
  • Federal compliance
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee relations
  • Performance management

… and much more.

HR Hotline is like a concierge service, with advice customized to your business and your specific situation. You can reach out via either phone or email; either way you’ll get a personalized response with expert answers.

And if you still need more, your HR expert will direct you to exactly the right resources within the HR and Compliance Portal so you’ll have just the right information, right at your fingertips.

It’s all as easy as clicking the HR Hotline button in your client portal. Give it a try, and if your insurance solution doesn’t include resources like this, contact Consolidated Insurance today.