Establishing an In-House Bonding Policy

In some recent blogs, we’ve covered what surety bonds are and why you need them as a contractor. In continuing that trend, here’s some tips on what you need to do internally in your office to make sure you obtain bonds when necessary. Use this list as a guide and add your own parameters for securing bonds.

  • Set a limit at which bonds must be required. This may be a dollar amount or a percentage of a contract (ex.: all contracts over $25,000 or all subcontracts for 20% or more of the overall job).
  • Include the following details in your bonding policy:
    • Type and complexity of the job
    • Duration of the contract
    • Bid spread
    • Subcontractor size and reputation
    • Government regulation requirements
    • Subcontractor’s experience with the type of project on the table
    • Subcontractor’s role in the contract
  • Once your policy has been established, notify all subcontractors, the surety bond producer and the surety underwriter.

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