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Business Owners – Does Price-Shopping Cost You Money?

For many companies, shopping insurance coverage annually seems to be simple due diligence. After all, insurance is a significant expenditure, so each year you invite your current broker to re-quote and also bring in new faces to make sure everyone’s using their sharpest pencil. That’s how you make sure you’re getting the very best pricing.…

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Cellcontrol: Putting the Brakes on Distracted Driving

You probably don’t need statistics to tell you that distracted driving is a huge problem. Take a glance at other drivers and you’ll almost always find someone looking down at his or her phone instead of watching the road. For many, “distracted driving” translates to “teens texting.” And while it is a huge problem with…

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Dangerous Driving Habits

There is no shortage of distractions in the modern world. Distracted driving has become a national issue, and many schools and public agencies are scrambling to raise awareness of the problem. The National Safety Council estimates that one in four car accidents involve cell phone use, but many people still believe that talking or texting…

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