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Employee Retention

Summertime Workplace Doldrums: How to Keep Employees Motivated

Need Business Insurance? Click here to get a quote for Business Insurance The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the scent of barbecue is in the air. It’s summer in Maryland, and unlike the kids who’ve been temporarily liberated from their version of a nine-to-five school, the grown-ups of the world must continue…

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National Wise Health Care Consumer Month

  Do you consume health care wisely? This is the month for Marylanders to consider that question. The sad truth is, studies have shown that most Americans take more time researching their car or appliance purchases than they do doctors and health plans. But what is more precious than your health? Certainly not a new…

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New Year, New Resolutions, New Insurance Rates

Resolving to make improvements to your health and habits in 2016 can do more than just improve your longevity, your quality of life, your appearance, and your attitude; it can also work to put more money in your pocket! How? Well, in addition to all the cash you’ll save by foregoing the daily double mocha…

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Vacation Policy Blues

We all need a vacation. And for many employees in Maryland, summer is the ideal time to plan a visit to the beach, take an extended road trip, or organize a family reunion. As a business owner, you want your employees to have time off, but you don’t want your customers to suffer because of…

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Would Your Business Benefit From a Flexible Schedule Plan?

For many business and creative professionals in Maryland, a regular nine to five job just isn’t appealing anymore. And with many employers offering opportunities that allow workers to telecommute, work from home, or keep non-traditional hours, high-level employees no longer have to submit to the daily grind if they so choose. That means that employers…

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