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Why Do I Need Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance?

Here’s an example of an all too common scenario we rarely think about: After a hectic work week, Jim was looking forward to a relaxing weekend with his wife and kids. He was just a few blocks from home when his cellphone rang. He glanced down to see who was calling. That split-second distraction was…

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

In recent posts, we’ve focused on preventing workplace harassment claims and on addressing harassment claims when they do occur. The reality of today’s business climate is that claims regarding sexual and other types of workplace harassment are more frequent than ever. And that’s just the beginning: firms are increasingly vulnerable to litigation on a range…

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Umbrella Insurance Explained

Interested in learning more about Umbrella Insurance? Click here to get a quote for an Umbrella Insurance Policy. Chances are you already have a number of different insurance policies in place. It’s almost inevitable, however, that even with all that protection, there are some cracks in your coverage.  Umbrella insurance is designed to essentially seal…

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Quirky Workplace Lawsuits

It’s often noted that America is an excessively litigious society which may or may not be accurate, depending on who you ask. But there’s no question that the rules and regulations that have made it relatively easy to sue for personal injury in the US have resulted in some truly bizarre lawsuits and legal proceedings.…

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