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Mental Health

How to Reduce Employee Health Costs? Promote a “Culture of Health”

Are you an employer looking for a Health Insurance Quote? Click here for a Health Insurance Quote Business owners can reap significant financial rewards by fostering a culture of health among employees at their workplaces. A recent study of PPG Industries, a large Pennsylvania-based company founded in 1883, was published in the Journal of Occupational…

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National Poison Prevention Week 2016

  What do bath salts, house plants, energy drinks, mouthwash, and over-the-counter medicines have in common? All of the items can be poisonous when used inappropriately and it only takes a second for a child or beloved pet to ingest a household chemical or medicine that could cause permanent damage. Every March, the American Association…

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National Wise Health Care Consumer Month

  Do you consume health care wisely? This is the month for Marylanders to consider that question. The sad truth is, studies have shown that most Americans take more time researching their car or appliance purchases than they do doctors and health plans. But what is more precious than your health? Certainly not a new…

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Love and Life Insurance: A Perfect Match

Red hearts, chocolate, lace, and roses: it’s that time of year again. With February comes Valentine’s Day, and with Valentine’s Day comes thoughts of love. While Valentine’s Day emphasizes romantic love, or the kind of love that results when Cupid’s arrow penetrates a heart and inspires swoony, smitten feelings of attraction and desire, it’s also…

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Health Insurance & Mental Health

Seeking treatment for mental illness can be an especially challenging task. Fortunately, recent policy changes mean that Americans are that much closer to gaining equal access to mental health services. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, several steps have been taken to ensure better coverage for Americans with mental health conditions and addiction,…

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