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Check out our Education Blog for articles on insurance, safety and risk for you, your family or your business.

Making Your Day Easier

March 20, 2018

At Consolidated Insurance, our belief has always been that we best serve our clients as not just a broker, but as a partner in helping their businesses better manage their risk. To that end, we’re proud to re-introduce MyWave Connect, a time-saving online resource that puts clients in control of customized compliance information and much…

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Taken for a Ride: What to Know as a Ride-Sharing Passenger

March 14, 2018

In a recent post we addressed the changing picture of liability coverage for those working as drivers for ride-sharing service like Uber and Lyft (if you missed it, read it here).  But what are the risks to passengers of these wildly popular services? The first thing to understand is that in many cases individual states…

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

March 6, 2018

In recent posts, we’ve focused on preventing workplace harassment claims and on addressing harassment claims when they do occur. The reality of today’s business climate is that claims regarding sexual and other types of workplace harassment are more frequent than ever. And that’s just the beginning: firms are increasingly vulnerable to litigation on a range…

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New Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family & Medical Leave

February 28, 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law in December of last year creates a new business tax credit for employers that provide paid family and medical leave to employees. Here’s what you need to know: The tax credit is temporary and applies to tax years 2018 and 2019 The credit is equal to…

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What You Need, When You Need It

February 21, 2018

It’s happened to every business … you’re working after hours, and you really need a certificate of insurance to wrap up the paperwork and bring in a new client. But your insurance broker is closed. Or an employee needs a new Auto ID card on a weekend, and all you can do is add it…

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Being Uber-Careful: Who’s Responsible?

February 14, 2018

Few businesses have had the widespread impact of the ride-sharing industry. Marrying the GPS and mapping function on every smartphone with a platform for payment, companies like Uber and Lyft are responsible for declines of up to 30 percent in taxi usage. Most agree that the convenience of ride-sharing has reduced incidences of driving while…

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Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

February 7, 2018

In a recent post, we discussed strategies for preventing harassment claims in the workplace (if you missed it, read it here).  While that information covered a variety of situations, sexual harassment has been a primary focus for businesses in this current climate. What should you do if it’s too late to prevent a claim and…

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Maryland Enacts Paid Sick and Safe Leave

January 31, 2018

On January 12, the Maryland General Assembly voted to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of paid sick and safe leave legislation and the Healthy Working Families Act became law. Normally, legislation takes effect 30 days after a veto-override vote, meaning the law would take effect on February 11, but emergency legislation has been introduced that…

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Cellcontrol: An Easy Solution for a Serious Problem

January 24, 2018

You probably don’t need statistics to tell you that distracted driving is a huge problem. Take a glance at other drivers and you’ll almost always find someone looking down at his or her phone instead of watching the road. For many, “distracted driving” translates to “teens texting.” And while it is a huge problem with…

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Preventing Workplace Harassment Claims

January 10, 2018

With all the recent attention devoted to instances of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Washington and elsewhere, and the corresponding #metoo movement, employers are rightfully concerned about workplace harassment and its potential liability. A single claim can have major repercussions for an employer, and even in a best-case scenario will consume large amounts of time and…

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