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Consolidated’s SWT® Process for Surety


Surety and bonding are the lifeblood of a contractor’s business.

Consolidated’s SWT® Process is a proactive model created to provide structure around the elements needed to communicate your story to the bonding markets, maximize your work potential, and improve your business.

The SWT® Process incorporates finances, key relationships, business operations, future goals, and innovative thinking to capture the attention of the bonding markets. Creating a complete account of where you’ve come from -- and where you’re heading -- in a way sureties will understand allows for a healthy bond position. It gives you the ability to maximize your work potential and increase the profitability of your business.

When it comes to bonding, will you be ready for the next chapter?


Visit our Instant Surety and Fidelity Bond Portal for instant bonds with approvals in minutes!


Chesapeake Sprinkler Company is a Subcontractor that installs automatic fire protection systems. As a Subcontractor in the construction industry, we are required to obtain Bid Bonds, and Performance and Payment Bonds. Consolidated Insurance + Risk Management and their Bonding Team displays speed, accuracy, and courtesy to our requests to secure all of our bonding needs. Our designated team reps at Consolidated are Amy Schmalbach and Kelli Weldon and we can call or e-mail them with any questions during the processing of the bonds. This process can be complicated and our team members at Consolidated are extremely knowledgeable with the rules and regulations of this service and they look out for Chesapeake Sprinkler Company’s best interest.

It is with this personal communication and care that continues to maintain Chesapeake Sprinkler Company’s trusted relationship with Consolidated Insurance + Risk Management. We have chosen Consolidated above the rest for our business insurance needs and will continue to be not just a “satisfied” customer but a long term “loyal” customer.

– Marsha L. Milliken, Office Manager, Chesapeake Sprinkler Company

Skyline Technology Solutions, LLC is full-service IT integrator and Managed IT Services company. Skyline began working with Consolidated for our insurance needs not long after the company started. In 2011 with Skyline’s continued growth, we began bidding on larger opportunities that required bid, performance and payment bonds. Consolidated was there to advise us and more importantly educate us on the process. Bernadette Good is always responsive, informative and proactive in our engagements. I look forward to working with Consolidated and Bernie for many years to come.

– Donna Ridgeway, Manager, Contracts and Procurement
Skyline Technology Solutions, LLC

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